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Now you can advertise your business on your own very local radio station. Read why radio advertising is the logical choice for building your brand.

Radio Advertising Works
That's why there are now more than 260 commercial stations throughout the United Kingdom.

Radio is Universal
Fantasy Radio can reach the places other media can't: in the car, in the bath, in the bedroom.

Radio is Personal
Listeners to Fantasy Radio will trust their local radio station and your commercial.

Radio is Flexible
Fantasy Radio will work with you to build a campaign that's right for your brand.

Radio is Intrusive
Listeners can't avoid the commercials.

Radio is Creative
Fantasy Radio will help lift your brand 'off the page'.

Radio is Cost-Effective
With reduced wastage, your message will reach our listeners - your customers - in the Devizes area.

Radio advertising works through repetition, and repetition builds reputation. So don't delay - contact Fantasy Radio Sales today and advertise with us, on-air and online. Drop us an email to or call us on 01380 828811 and get the power of radio working for you.


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Radio advertising works. 
Read about the exciting
advertising opportunities
with Fantasy Radio 

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Radio advertising works. Read about the exciting advertising opportunities with Fantasy Radio.