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Love love love the varied music but especially the music quizzes. Fantasy radio is so easy on the ears. Well done all!

Tracy, 18th May 2021

Alan Dee has done it again! In one show he has played Abba, early 60's rock n roll, 80's rock, disco and he fitted in a great piece of Ennio Morricone film music for Bev and myself.  As Alan often says himself "good stuff"!

David, 7th Sep 2020

Newcomer to Fantasy Radio, listening in North Kent and whole heartedly agree with all the other contributors - outstanding music choices, genuinely warm and earthy presenters make it a total pleasure at any time of the day. Keep it up, we’re absolutely loving it!!

Tony, 20th Jul 2020

Alan Dee is my hero at the moment for having the guts to play classical music once a week on our great Fantasy pop and oldies station! Sorry to hear that his Friday afternoon show has finished but it would be good news if his successor has a 4.30pm slot, like Alan, but perhaps with some dramatic film music from the past if not classical.

David, 3rd Mar 2020

Love Fantasy Radio. We have the radio on all day at home and I listen to it in the car on the way to work and on the way home.  Thank you for the great music and the laughs.  You are all brilliant

Florence, 14th Nov 2019

A message of thanks to Phil after he gave my niece, Sarah Jenkins, a mention yesterday, along with a Levellers play. Well chuffed!!! I remember your days with my late brother Keith Jones with great fondness... The Barrel Organ was such a wonderful venue. Although I'm now in France, you've just gained another listener via the App! Cheers Phil! Ken&Kathy (Ex 'Scotch Mist' guitarist with Keith)

Ken, 14th Nov 2019

Am loving the Oz music I've heard this week on Fantasy. Little River Band,Sherbet. (From a sometimes homesick aussie)

Mel, 21st Jun 2019

Been listening to Fantasy for years and thought it was about time I wrote something here! Suffice it to say, Fantasy remains for me the most genuine and locally relevant radio station around. Professional programmes and friendly presenters, great chat and always SUPERB music. Today I’ve enjoyed everything from Steely Dan to Toyah, ABBA to Bruce Hornsby. I’ve taken part, had a song played and learned some top trivia with Biscuit Tim. Friendly, fun and FM (For Me)! Keep it up Fantastic Fantasy... brilliant stuff.

James Harrison, 11th Mar 2019

Thanks for playing the fantastic Neil Young ,Harvest Moon. Like your new artist/ unusual/ little known artist slot, very refreshing... this morning’s male vocalist was very good. We really appreciate all the work that the Fantasy Radio team do for our entertainment. We enjoy all of your shows ! Thank you

JJ, 31st Jan 2018

Hi Team, I'm a long term Radio listener, receiving that excellent education which could only have come from 60s and 70s Offshore Radio.

Fantasy, uniquely these days it would seem, reproduces that same perfect mix of a diverse playlist delivered by knowledgeable Presenters who speak to "The Listener" not listeners.

What a welcome change from those formulaic pseudo "Local Stations" (actually Networked Nationals) and other Community Radio efforts who try too hard to be "On Message" with a one-track "Modern Music" format for much of the time.

Don't change a thing, Team, Natural radio with hardly a track I'd object to all day and a delightful mix of promo jingles - Excellent!

Well done,

Kind Regards, Alan.

Alan Webber, 3rd Nov 2016

You may think that as an ex presenter on Fantasy I'm biased but that is not the case. Now resident in Melbourne, Australia I still listen to Fantasy because, believe me, it knocks stations down here into a cocked hat so, if you're visiting Australia let me assure you you'll miss Fantasy.

Mike Hart, 30th Sep 2016

A BIG thank you to the Fantasy Radio team who recently supported the 2016 Seend Fete & Flower Show.  You did a great job supporting our community fundraising event.

Steven, 25th Aug 2016

May we take this opportunity to wish Fantasy Radio a very happy 4th birthday!!! Many, many congratulations to all involved with this great station. It brings a lot of fun & pleasure to many people & long may it continue. Please play an appropriate tune of your choosing & dedicate it to all at Fantasy Radio. Keep it up & here's to you all, kindest regards.

Staggy & Karen, 29th Feb 2016

I've been a fan of Fantasy since before I was married, great music great presenters, Best station in wiltshire

Honey, 26th Feb 2016

Great radio everyday keep it up

Andrew, 20th Feb 2016

Just wanted to say what a fab station Fantasy is!Ive been listening for around a year now,and the diversity of songs played is very refreshing!I just wish my work place played Fantasy!We have to listen to another station which is VERY boring!I also love the news and social news which keeps us up to date whats happening around Devizes which is very interesting and helpful.Thanks again,I'm spreading the word!lol :)

Melanie, 4th Feb 2016 

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